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Nordic Furs

Online store for the brand of women’s fur coats and fur products.

A classic online store was created, broken down into 4 categories of goods and best-sellers on the main page. On the main page we placed two information pages with texts on caring for fur and natural fur (dispelling myths about its harm to the environment) to oppose two main barriers to buying. At the bottom of the main page was a block with the latest brand posts on Instagram.

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China Linkups

Corporate website for a Dutch-Chinese company.

The professional corporate website, logo and corporate identity was created. The website consists of 4 pages – home, services, portfolio and about us. Each page was created with individual design and in the same style. Moreover, each page has a feedback form and contact details for communication.

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Moton Store

An online store for the brand of straps for Apple Watch.

The main page immediately leads to the page with all the goods. In the block below, on the main page, best-sellers are placed in order to immediately show the attractiveness of the goods due to their low price and decent appearance. There are also pages about delivery and payment, as well as an About Us page.

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Primer Bag

Landing page for the brand of multifunctional backpacks.

A landing page was created with a discount block on the main banner. Also on the page is a video review, a block with benefits, live photos and four product cards. Frequently Asked Questions are placed in the form of a drop-down list at the bottom of the page.

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Website for a beauty salon in Austin (Texas, USA). In addition to posting basic business information on the main page, a blog was also added with thematic articles, pages for each of the services, pages with policies for providing beauty services, and also there was integration with the session booking service. The site has a built-in slider, video, a salon map, as well as a large number of photos. For ease of use, mobile adaptation was implemented.

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National Assessing

Landing page for the Australia’s
accident management company.

A professional corporate landing page for, logo and corporate identity. The website consist of the four main blocks – about, services, benefits and contact us. The colors and design was based on the logo, which was created for the customer.